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Wedding Cinema & Photography

Prenuptial / Engagement Photoshoot, Save the Dates, Wedding Teaser, Highlights, Extended Highlights, Full Wedding Film / Wedding Albums, Online Photo Wedding Gallery , Digital Prints , Souvenir Box’s , USB & HDD for Raw Files

Product Advertising/Brand Development

Social Media Branding & Content, Demo Reels, Brand Infomercials, Product Launchings, Vlogs and Creative Contents, Product Endorsements, Fashion Photoshoots, Food & Beverages Photoshoots, Real Estate & Home Advertising.

Documentary Shoots

We have 2 Full Cinema Cameras setup complete with Lens, Gimbals, Tripod & Accessories, Aerial Shoots, also included in the package: Light Kit + Audio Recording Set up. Light stands, C stands, Boom poles and many more. 

Corporate & Live Events 

Interview Set up / Website Development Videos and Program Management Videos and Contents / Live Feed , Stream & Audio Recording / Multiple Camera set up with Video Switchers 

Short / Full Length Film

We are also available for hire as Cinematographer / Gaffer / DP (Director of Photography) / Lighting Director. Included with Camera & Lens Kit with Focus Puller and Video Village. Included with Light Kit & Audio Recording.

Music Video Production

We also do Directing , Cinematography & Lighting Kits + Photography & Crew for Music Video Production. We have various packages including, Live Performances, Live Stream / Feed / Recording, Story Based / Narrative / Cinematic  

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Our System of Operation:

  1. Client Acquisition and Initial Consultation:

    • Develop a robust marketing strategy to attract potential clients.

    • Implement a streamlined process for client inquiries and consultations.

    • Use online platforms, social media, and a professional website to showcase your portfolio and services.

  2. Project Planning and Pre-production:

    • Establish a standardized process for project planning and pre-production.

    • Conduct thorough consultations with clients to understand their preferences, vision, and expectations.

    • Create detailed shot lists, timelines, and other pre-production documents for each project.

  3. Team Coordination:

    • If you have a team, ensure effective communication and coordination among team members.

    • Assign roles and responsibilities based on individual strengths and expertise.

    • Conduct regular team meetings to discuss upcoming projects, address challenges, and share creative ideas.

  4. Equipment Management:

    • Maintain a comprehensive inventory of high-quality filming and editing equipment.

    • Implement a regular maintenance schedule to ensure all equipment is in optimal condition.

    • Stay updated with the latest industry technology and trends, and invest in new equipment as needed.

  5. On-site Filming:

    • Develop a standardized approach for on-site filming to ensure consistency across projects.

    • Provide training for your team to capture key moments and emotions effectively.

    • Have backup plans for unforeseen circumstances to ensure smooth operations during events.

  6. Post-production Workflow:

    • Establish a well-defined post-production workflow for video editing, color grading, and audio enhancement.

    • Use professional editing software to maintain high-quality standards.

    • Implement a client feedback loop to make revisions and adjustments as necessary.

  7. Delivery and Client Satisfaction:

    • Set clear expectations with clients regarding project timelines and delivery schedules.

    • Ensure a seamless and secure process for delivering the final products to clients.

    • Gather feedback from clients post-delivery and use it to continually improve services.

  8. Quality Control:

    • Implement a rigorous quality control process to review each project before delivery.

    • Have a designated team member or team responsible for quality assurance.

    • Continuously seek ways to enhance the overall quality of your wedding films.

  9. Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

    • Use a CRM system to track client interactions, manage bookings, and streamline communication.

    • Implement a follow-up system to nurture relationships with past clients and encourage referrals.

  10. Continuous Improvement:

    • Stay informed about industry trends, technological advancements, and creative approaches.

    • Encourage ongoing professional development for yourself and your team.

    • Regularly assess and refine your operations based on client feedback and industry changes.

By implementing these operational strategies, Mike Lee Films can build a strong reputation for delivering exceptional wedding filmmaking services while maintaining efficiency and consistency across projects.

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